Welcome to Deo Gloria Flowers & Gifts!  

Founded by Jeff and Terry Porter in February of 2012, Deo Gloria is affiliated with our wholesale parent company The Rose Connection, Inc. The Rose Connection was started by Jeff & Terry Porter in 1992 after praying for God's leading for a business that they could run together out of their own home.  Now, 24 years later, they own the wholesale company The Rose Connection and the thriving floral retail and consignment shop Deo Gloria Flowers & Gifts. Here at Deo Gloria Flowers & Gifts, it is our passion to provide our customers with top quality  flowers, affordable prices, but most importantly, service that reflects the care and compassion God has shown us. This is the root of our business, and even where our name comes from:

Deo Gloria, Latin for 'To God be the glory'

When you come to our store, we hope you truly experience the glory of God in the care of our employees and the beauty of our flowers. 


God bless you!

- The Deo Gloria team

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